Buy spanish cheese online

In Viandas de Salamanca you can buy directly produced cheese. The most famous cheeses from Spain are available in our website. These cheeses from Salamanca are made with artisanal and traditional processes and you will find them in the most convenient formats and packaging for you.

Which is the best cheese in Spain?

Known as "queso de oveja curado", the sheep spanish cheese is one of the specialties of Viandas Stores. You can buy it for pieces, half or cheese wedge. Spanish Cured Cheese with thyme cover, paprika or syrah wine cover. Delicious!

Types of Spanish Cheese

In Spain there are 26 cheeses with denomination of origin, but of course there are many more that lack it, and each one is linked to its region of origin, with climatic conditions determining its main characteristics. There are goat, sheep, cow, mixed cheeses, fresh cheeses and cured cheeses, raw milk and pasteurized milk, etc. Sheep and goat milk cheeses are the specialty of Viandas Hacienda Zorita

Awarded spanish cheeses

The numerous awards received by our artisanal spanish cheeses guarantee the quality of our products. Recognitions in the most prestigious cheese contests, such as the World Cheese Awards, the Cincho Awards or the World Championship Cheese Contest, are proof of the quality cheese that is manufactured at the Organic Farm Salamanca.

More than Manchego cheese

Not just the popular references for this spanish food you´ll find in our spanish cheese store. In addition to our most popular references, the Organic Farm produces such special varieties as our Torta de la Dehesa cheese, which is a creamy sheep's cheese with the 100% natural product seal from the Castilla y León region. Another of our unique cheeses is donkey milk cheese, which will satisfy the most demanding #cheeselovers.

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