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100% Pata Negra Ibérico Ham - Piece

VAT included

Approximate weight: 8.5kg

If you want it hand carved and vacuum packed totally free, select the option in the menu below. You will receive envelopes with the ham, ham cubes and the bones.

Select how to enjoy it, whole piece or already cut:


Salamanca, ibérico 100%. The miracle of this iberian pig would be impossible without the existence of the “Dehesa de Salamanca”, an ecosystem full of cork and oak trees, merged in a rich variety of natural pasture. There, the iberian pig can graze freely and enjoy of a natural feeding of acorn and other resources from the Dehesa.


After the cutting-off pieces and the cooling of ham, it starts the salting process. The next step is the maturing, drying and curing process. In Salamanca, due to the extreme wheater, this process is slower, resulting a better quality of our hams and shoulders (paletas), whose final process is made in our own natural drying rooms and cellars.

Approximate weight: 8.5kg


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