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HACIENDA ZORITA · Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil · 500ml bottle

VAT included

Tasting Notes

Fruity aroma, intense green with a lot of complexity; notes of apple, thyme, rosemary and a pleasant finish of ripe almond. The palate is elegant, fresh entry with soft bitterness and light spiciness with a harmonious and balanced finish.


An olive oil extracted from the best varieties of olives: Arbequina and Tosca.

Arbequina is a variety rooted in the Ebro Valley, due to its high resistance to low temperatures. Soft, light, delicate and sweet olive oil is extracted through this variety.

It has a fresh and fruity smell. Also, it is little or nothing at all bitter and astringency notes never appear.

Tosca is a variety that is also very resistant to low temperatures. Its origins come from the Tuscany region of Italy, where one of the most important olive oils is produced in the world.

Tosca matures several weeks before Arbequina and performs very well in mechanical harvesting. The profile of the oil made with this type of olive is very fruity, with a predominance of green leaf, grass and artichoke combined with hints of spices and herbs.

This olive oil is very balanced and has a persistent finish.

"Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm" olive oil is classified as high quality of artisan olive oil, obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical procedures, which is why it has a high nutritional value.

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