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CASA DE PADUA ∙ Balsamic Vinager 12 years aged

VAT included



The process starts with the elaboration of a sweet wine from the best sweet grape in Spain, Pedro Ximenez. Acetic bacteria are added to this delicious wine in order to obtain a young sweet vinegar. Bálsamo de Padua is kept in a unique  acetaia where the continental climate of the Duero Valley with extreme cold in winter and high temperatures in summer have favoured its slow ageing. The ageing and reduction of the wines takes place naturally for 12 years in 5 different types of wood barrels: oak, chestnut, cherry wood, ash and birch barrels from bigger to smaller barrel size, until the vinegar is reduced from the initial 225 litres to barely 10 litres. 


This balsamic cream vinegar is a real pleasure for the senses. The sweet grapes of Pedro Ximenez have absorbed the aromas,  textures and hints from the oak (vanilla), the chestnut (tannins),  the cherry wood (fruit), the ash (flowers) and the birch (sap and softness). An indescribable result. Besides salads, it is perfect for cold and hot dishes. It is also great with desserts and icecreams. Its intensive aroma improves the flavours; only a few drops are needed to transform any dish in a celebration for all the senses. 


To serve pour a small quantity in a teaspoon. Keep in a cool place under 15ºC. 


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