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Cheese with Donkey Milk 200gr


(€99.74 /Kg)

VAT included

Cheese with Donkey Milk Viandas is an original and different cheese, made with a mixture of raw sheep's milk and donkey milk. A semi-hard cheese with a minimum curing time of 8 months that will surprise the most demanding cheese lovers.

INGREDIENTS: Made with raw sheep's milk, raw donkey's milk, lactic ferments, preservative E-252, rennet extract, stabilizer, preservative E-1105. PAIRING: This cheese is perfect to take as an appetizer at any meal. It comes in a 200gr case.

TASTING NOTES: Appearance: cylindrical shape, with natural rind bloomed by white mold. Color paste from ivory white to straw yellow depending on the maturation. Inside, there are small mechanical eyes distributed evenly throughout the paste. Texture: elastic paste, slightly firm, high solubility and butteriness in the mouth. Olfactory-gustatory sensations: mild to moderate intensity depending on the maturation both in the nose and in the mouth. Pleasant, fresh lactic acid, with hints of fruit, nuts, animals of the species and superficial mold. In addition, it can have a sweet flavor characteristic of donkey milk. In general, it presents a complex and persistent aroma in the mouth, and a pleasant spicy sensation can be perceived in more advanced maturations.

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